Living Independently in Full Existence (LIFE)

LIFE was started in 2014 by Sister Carlette Gentle, SCN and the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Sr. Carlette always had an interest in working with the elderly population. In her apostolic year of novitiate, she worked with the elderly at Little Brothers Friends for the Elderly in Chicago, Illinois and Neighborhood House in Louisville, Kentucky. She built up a love for working with the elderly.

When Sister returned from her studies in the USA, she decided to attend the University of Belize to get a degree in Social Work. She used her projects at the University of Belize to focus on the elderly population. When Sister was finished with her studies, at the University of Belize she was wondering how she could work with this population that she so cared about. It happened that at the time of her searching, she got a call from the then president of her community, Sr. Susan Gatz and Kentucky 1 Health inquiring about her interest in working with the elderly population. Sister was granted a planning grant to do research for this population in Southside Belize City.

The Survey

Sister formulated a survey and visited 200 homes on the South Side Belize City.¬† Interviewing¬† seniors sixty and over, she tried to capture responses from the different constituencies on south side. After she collected and compiled the 200 surveys administered, Sr. Carlette found that there were five (5) main areas that the elderly needed assistance in. These areas were Food Assistance, Transportation, Housing, Medical Care and Support Group. Today, the core of LIFE’s mission is enhance the lives of the elderly by targeting these five areas.

LIFE was officially registered as an NGO on April 27, 2015 and officially opened to the public on Friday January 29, 2016. We currently serve 100 elderlies from different south side constituencies