One of the five major needs for the seniors when conducting the initial survey was food. Working with partner agencies
LIFE tried to see how the seniors could be a part of either Mercy Kitchen or government pantry program to address that
need. With 50% or 45 of the elders in need of food assistance the support from agencies just was not enough.

Thanks to the support of Kentucky One Health, LIFE was able to start its own
pantry program and with the help of the SCN grant we are able to continue the
pantry program today. The pantry includes dry ingredients, some fruits and
vegetables. With this undertaking LIFE is able to provide pantry twice per month to
the seniors which is delivered to their
homes. Collaboration with Mercy Kitchen offers the home bound seniors a hot meal at lunch time which is delivered 5 days a week.

At first the pantry was provided free of
cost to the seniors but as noted, steps had
to be taken for sustainability purposes. A
small fee is presently being charged.