Social Activities

 Social support is important to psychological and physical well being. The seniors look forward to a monthly outing with their friends. A 3 hour session is filled with an educational session, BINGO and a healthy home cooked meal, after which happy birthday is sung for monthly birthdays.

The group is too large to gather all at once. This problem was temporarily solved by splitting the group in half for social support gatherings. Now, twice per month gatherings are held to accommodate all the seniors. Gatherings are also utilized to check in and update the seniors on happenings.
A special thanks to the cook, the staff, and volunteers who assisted in these social activities.



Community Health Workers (CHW)

Aside from having social gathering LIFE do provide outreach mobile services to the seniors. Rather than moving into a long-term care
facility as they age, many older adults prefer to stay at home. This may or may not be the right choice for seniors. For seniors who only need minor assistance with daily activities and enjoy a close network of nearby family and friends, it’s natural to want to stay at home as they age. However, taking a step back to look at the big picture can help in deciding on the long term care best for them. Unfortunately a great number of LIFE’s seniors do not have the option of choosing a home care facility. Therefore, during the home-visit for the recruitment process, the organization was able to gather data to assist in determining who will need home care visits. LIFE was able to see the conditions of their home, those home bound, blind, and lack family support.
To address seniors home care need LIFE was able to collaborate with staff from Mercy Clinic and Kitchen for seniors check up, medication and meals. LIFE was also able to recruit volunteers from within the community to become Community Health Workers who made regular home visits and provide assistance where needed.