One major need Sr. Carlette realized when establishing LIFE was transportation. It was hard to transport seniors to and from their medical appointments or invite them for social gatherings without having a means of transportation. Sr.Carlette shared her dream with the sisters of owning a handicap accessible van. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth took on the huge fundraiser that purchased the LIFE van. LIFE would like to thank all who
donated towards this important need to assist the elderly of Belize. We also want to thank the Government of Belize for gifting LIFE with tax exemption on the van.

This van is so important to LIFE and the clientele it serves. This van is the first of
its kind here in Belize accessible to the elderly. Sr. Carlette no longer needs to strain herself lifting clients from wheelchair to car. With the lift on the van, it makes it more accessible for seniors to be transported. As one senior stated, “It saves the embarrassment of someone lifting me. I got back my dignity because of this van.”

The van comes outfitted with back up cameras for safety, guard rails so the
seniors have support to hold on and pull up. The van also has moveable
seats, and the accommodation for 2 wheelchairs at once with the
mechanisms to strap them into place. There is a fire extinguisher for safety, a first aid